The Program PRH 2.1 is developed on the premises of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), funded by the Agência Nacional de Petróleo, Gás e Biocombustíveis (ANP), and managed by the Financiadora de Estudo e Projetos (FINEP).

 The program aims to train human resources in the field of engineering to work in automation, control and instrumentation applied to oil, gas, biofuels and other sources of renewable energy.

 The departments that are part of the proposal have a strong and long-standing role in the oil, natural gas and biofuels sector, initiated, in the case of some of the departments, more than 25 years ago. The Department of Automation and Systems, primarily responsible for the proposal, was structured by UFSC teachers from the departments of Mechanical, Electrical and Chemistry Engineering as well as Informatics, who worked on topics related with Control, Automation and Instrumentation and has projects in the Oil, Gas and Biofuels areas since its official creation in 1997. The department’s involvement with the sector culminated in the approval of the proposal for the creation of the “Programa de formação de recursos humanos em Controle, Automação e Instrumentação para a Indústria do Petróleo e gás natural (PRH 34)” in 2001, which remained in operation until 2018.

 In this new phase, the program covers the knowledge and principles of the PRH 34 while open its field of research and development to work with renewable energy, adapting to new market needs. The PRH 2.1 retrieves the precepts of his antecedent in order to provide scholarships for students from undergraduate and graduate programs of the departments mentioned above. The students from the program have the opportunity to improve their education with specific courses that complement their curriculum, in addition to receiving guidance to obtain internships and job opportunities in the sector.