To select students from undergraduate courses and graduate programs to attend the Programa de Formação de Engenheiros em Automação, Controle e Instrumentação para Petróleo, Gás e Biocombustíveis – PRH 2.1 and receive scholarships.

 The selection of candidates is carried out by a selection committee, composed of teachers from the eligible departments and will be designated by the PRH 2.1 Management Committee, formed by the coordinator and professors of the institution’s permanent staff linked to the Program.

 The selection of candidates will take into account the analysis of the candidate’s academic performance, technical-scientific production and an interview.

 Scholarships students must enroll and take the courses offered, complying with the minimum curriculum recommended by the Program’s coordination to obtain specific knowledge in the area of oil, natural gas and biofuels sector.

 The PRH 2.1 has a total of 14 scholarships per year:

  • 9 undergraduate scholarships;
  • 3 master’s scholarships;
  • 1 doctoral scholarship;
  • 1 postdoctoral fellowship.

 The scholarship modalities, as indicated by the User’s Manual, are:

  • Undergraduate: R$ 600,00 monthly stipend lasting up to 24 months;
  • Master: R$ 2.230,00 monthly stipend lasting up to 24 months;
  • Doctoral: R$3.280,00 monthly stipend lasting up to 48 months;
  • Postdoctoral: R$ 6.110,00 monthly stipend lasting up to 12 months.